The Brothers’ Warfare Teaser Reveals Format Warping Reprints

The discharge of The Brothers’ Warfare is simply over a month away, however the large mechanical hype practice has already left the station. Forward of the set’s main reveal later this month, Wizards has showcased the set in a brand new Constructing Worlds video. Narrated by Wizards employees and YouTuber Rhystic Research, this video handled excited gamers to a style of the set’s story. Alongside story particulars, gamers have been additionally proven a few of the set’s art work to fawn over earlier than the set’s launch. In addition to being spectacularly attractive, this artwork seems to have confirmed main The Brothers’ Warfare spoilers. If the idea artwork is to be believed, Urzatron lands are getting reprinted. 

Urza’s Again and He’s Bringing His Lands With Him

Urza Tower Concept Art
Urza Tower Idea | The Brothers’ Warfare

In the course of the Constructing Worlds video, Wizards of the Coast flashed up “Urza Tower Idea” artwork on display. Whereas lacking the apostrophe, this reveal rapidly set the stay stream’s chat ablaze with a flurry of hypothesis. In spite of everything, it regarded like Wizards simply confirmed a reprint of Urza’s Tower in The Brothers’ Warfare. This additionally appears to suggest that Urza’s Mine and Urza’s Energy Plant might also be reprinted. Whereas tremendously thrilling for some, not all MTG gamers have been enthusiastic about these immensely highly effective playing cards being reprinted.

To place it plainly, the Urzatron land cycle is highly effective, to say the least. Probably offering seven colorless mana by flip three was as soon as a dominant drive in Fashionable. Whereas they’ve since been considerably outclassed, Urza’s Tower, Urza’s Mine, and Urza’s Energy Plant nonetheless see play occasional play. In spite of everything, it’s exhausting to argue with the effectiveness of enjoying Ugin, the Spirit Dragon on flip 4 from lands alone. Because of this power, it’s secure to say that the Urzatron lands can totally destroy a format if haphazardly carried out. 

It’s essential to notice, nonetheless, that we’ve solely seen idea artwork for “Urza Tower” in the course of the Constructing Worlds Livestream. This implies there’s no telling whether or not one or all the Urzatron lands are literally in The Brothers’ Warfare. At the least, not till later this month, on the twenty seventh of October, when Wizards of the Coast will reveal extra. Till then, there’s one other essential caveat that it’s value conserving in thoughts. Even when the Urzatron lands are being reprinted, there’s no phrase on the place they’re being reprinted simply but. There’s the chance, in spite of everything, the Urzatron lands might solely seem within the Urza-themed Commander deck; Urza’s Iron Alliance. 

Inexperienced Galore

Titania, Avenger of Argoth
Titania, Avenger of Argoth | The Brothers’ Warfare

Alongside the possibly devastating return of the Urzatron lands, the Constructing Worlds video additionally revealed lots extra for gamers to be enthusiastic about. Since this video solely confirmed artwork, nonetheless, this pleasure is primarily pushed by a heavy quantity of hypothesis. That stated, flagrantly wild hypothesis could be a grand ol’ time, so let’s get proper into that shameless hypothesis. Firstly, as if it didn’t already possibly have sufficient, The Brothers’ Warfare might function one other Urza land. Named Urza’s Workshop, we extremely suspect this land isn’t going to synergize off previous Urzatron land. As an alternative, we anticipate that Urza’s Manufacturing facility can be extra just like Mishra’s Foundry

Alongside the Uzra lands, new and outdated, the Constructing Worlds video additionally debuted just a few extra tantalizing reprints. These embrace the creature tutoring Fauna Shaman, which can be a wonderful addition to Elf decks. All through the Constructing Worlds video, Wizards revealed a number of new Elves equivalent to Gwenna, Eyes of Gaea. Whereas there’s no telling how highly effective these Elves are, it seems that Elf tribal could also be a supported Normal deck

Following the reveal of Titania, Avenger of Argoth, an Elf-based Normal deck looks as if a close to certainty. And that’s not simply because I can be enjoying it no matter how uncompetitive it’s. As with all these artwork reveals, there’s no phrase on the finer particulars. Nonetheless, it seems that Titania, Avenger of Argoth is the third and closing Meld card in The Brothers’ Warfare. Believed to be comprised of Argoth, Sanctum of Nature, and Titania, Voice of Gaea, Titania, Avenger of Argoth might be a genuinely devastating risk in inexperienced decks. 

However Wait, There’s Extra!

Alongside the fascinating reveals that we’ve showcased to date, Wizards revealed quite a bit extra artwork in the course of the Livestream. There’s a lot, in actual fact, that we couldn’t hope to cowl all of it right here. Relaxation assured, nonetheless, that every one the brand new artwork appears completely unbelievable, so by all means, watch the video from Wizards. We’ve even handily embedded it above to your comfort! If YouTube movies aren’t your factor, we’ll even be recounting a few of the successes and issues with what we’ve seen sooner or later, so keep tuned for that.

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