What’s Unsuitable with Viserys’ on ‘Home of the Dragon’?

There are a whole lot of urgent questions as we method the ultimate episodes in Season 1 of “Home of the Dragon”: Will Alicent and Rhaenyra kill one another? Is Helaena possessed? What ever occurred to Mysaria? 

However maybe none of those is as essential as one: What the heck is flawed with Viserys (Paddy Considine)?

Because the comparatively unproblematic ruler of the seven kingdoms grows older, he’s stricken by a litany of illnesses, from good ol’ long-established purulent wounds to fainting spells to what may be textbook consumption (pulmonary tuberculosis). In a world that not too long ago misplaced its monarch, we will’t assist however be nervous for the outdated king and marvel what recent hell every episode has in retailer for him. Medically, this would possibly all be one drawn-out drawback, but when so — what’s it? And the way will it finish?

And so, right here is an exhaustive record of what plagues King Viserys, what it’d imply, what occurred to it, and what could possibly be subsequent — that includes second opinions from a licensed doctor (a pal) who live-texts this reporter each Sunday.

Episode 1: Unidentified Pores and skin Illness

“Home of the Dragon” Episode 1 introduces Viserys, a conspicuously variety and down to earth chief who is clearly doomed, as a result of that is Westeros. Certain sufficient, Viserys is sporting some type of oozing, open sore on his again that he claims is from sitting on the Throne all day. It might or might not be associated to greyscale from “Recreation of Thrones,” which was not solely disgusting however terminal. Grand Maester Mellos (David Horovitch) scoops on the goop and sends it to the lab (or some such equal), and we additionally get a point out of “leeching.” Mellos’ assistant suggests cauterizing as a result of the wound will in any other case not heal, however viewers are miraculously spared a scene of this course of.

A second opinion: “I may consider one sore that became a poorly therapeutic wound in an individual with presumably not nice vitamin or cleanliness. By this level I used to be largely pondering how did he even get injured? Are they going to elucidate this? Then they bring about in that shut up the place the Iron Throne nicks his finger — I believed he was for positive a goner from tetanus, however then he turns up within the previews for the following episode? Tetanus would have gotten him quicker.”

Episode 2: Rotting of the Flesh

A middle aged man in medieval formalwear with long, white-blond hair, speaking with a young woman; still from

“Home of the Dragon”


Leeches are out and maggots are in. In Episode 2, Viserys’ hand seems to be dying, a gradual decay that makes for tasty maggot meals. As soon as maggots eat the rotten flesh, the an infection ought to cease. At any charge, Viserys appears far more snug feeding his hand to tiny organisms than he was having his ooze inspected within the earlier episode. By the way — what occurred to the ooze and the again sore? Is the finger damage additionally presupposed to be from sitting on the Iron Throne for too lengthy?  If this present have been any type of real looking, Viserys would have developed a tailbone cyst.

A second opinion: “Leeches have been a traditional go-to in these historical tales. Received some unhealthy humors? Let’s see some leeches about it. The thought appears to be to drag out the an infection, however you might be draining blood and don’t have any strategy to change it. I assume beggars can’t be choosers when antibiotics didn’t exist. Anyway, that is clearly not part of mainstream drugs. (Don’t maintain me to this however in principle I consider leeches truly secrete one thing that forestalls blood clots.)”

“I’ve no strategy to even fake to elucidate why maggots, however since they’ll eat something why not have them eat decaying king pores and skin?”

Episode 3: Ingesting

From maggots to crabs, each creature on this present is feasting! Three years later, Viserys is in good spirits, now married to his worker’s daughter and father to a wholesome son. He will get drunk — each in celebration and frustration at Rhaenyra’s resistance to marry, which ends up in a mighty hangover worthy of his grace. Relatable King!

(He does additionally declare to be “drowning in a lake of parchment” as a result of so many individuals are writing to the King with gives to wed Rhaenyra. The person has a manner with phrases!)

A second opinion: “Alcohol undoubtedly doesn’t assist wound therapeutic. Liver illness can have esophageal varicies —> bleeding —> coughing up blood. Sure kinds of vasculitis may also have bleeding within the pulmonary system.”

Episode 4: Disappointment

Viserys is drunk once more after his brother’s victory within the Stepstones and triumphant return to each King’s Touchdown and the household, however it’s a short-lived euphoria. That very evening, Daemon takes Rhaenyra to the pleasure den, the place they’re witnessed in motion by Otto Hightower’s spies and shortly change into the torrid speak of the city. When phrase will get again to Viserys, he’s livid, beating his brother up within the Throne room and all however spitting on him for “ruining” Rhaenyra and disrespecting so lots of the establishments Viserys holds expensive.

“You’re a plague despatched to destroy me,” Viserys growls. Fetch the Grand Maester!

He’s additionally had sufficient of his “political headache” Rhaenyra laying aside marriage, informing her that she is going to wed Laenor Velaryon with out fuss. The ultimate individual pissing off King Viserys is his most trusted advisor Otto Hightower, whom he bodily accuses to his face of being conniving and egocentric. Otto is fired on the spot, and somebody higher ship a raven: The King is completed with everybody’s bullshit.

A second opinion: “If Alicent didn’t catch no matter that is, Daemon isn’t gonna get it from Viserys’ frothy beat up. If the king is someway attempting in charge his leech dependence on the stress of attempting to handle Rhaenyra…no. Stress can do a whole lot of unhealthy, however a whole arm?”

Episode 5: Lung illness + The Rot Returns

“We Mild the Means” opens with Viserys vomiting over the aspect of a ship, which isn’t distinctive, however nonetheless disagreeable. He winces when Rhaenys takes his hand, answering her “Are you properly?” with a deeply unconvincing “Very.” He carries round a handkerchief to cough into all through the episode, although we’re spared any sight of blood. In the meantime, the maesters are as soon as once more again to leeching! This time it’s Viserys’ complete left forearm that’s rotting, and he’s exhausted from each his gradual decay and the fixed pretense that he’s wonderful.

He manages to get by means of most of Laenor and Rhaenyra’s marriage ceremony festivities with out incident, earlier than passing out spectacularly after the ceremony, vying with Alicent and Criston for who precipitated probably the most pointless drama at this marriage ceremony.

A second opinion: “An entire arm?! Actually?? All of the leeches within the land couldn’t deal with that.I’ve to imagine this isn’t a dominant genetic drawback since all his white-haired spawn are okay, so if this was some type of bacterial an infection I’ve to presume it’s not in any respect or not very contagious. His little one bride has zero indicators of this and spouse 1 appeared wonderful additionally. Possibly some type of vasculitis? Poor blood stream, irritation —> issues collapse (off)? Possibly that is presupposed to be Leprosy? However how is he the one one with this?! Possibly it’s a particular pressure of historical Targaryen leprosy.”

Episode 6: Simply Previous AF

A woman in an elaborate medieval gown, with auburn hair, standing next to and supporting a man with thinning white-blond hair, her husband; still from

Viserys (Paddy Considine, proper) is just not doing so sizzling in “Home of the Dragon.”


His Grace appears to be like tough in “The Princess and the Queen,” set at the very least a decade after he handed tf out at his daughter’s marriage ceremony. Apparently that swoon was for nought, as Viserys clearly survived — however time has not been variety to him. The king might be no more than 50 or 60 (he’s considerably youthful within the e-book, however Considine is 49), however his hair is thinning and his pores and skin coated in age spots that make him look nearer to his 80s (it’s additionally peeling, which makes excellent sense as a result of the very last thing on anybody’s thoughts in Westeros is SPF). He’s additionally displaying indicators of delusion bordering on dementia — or he truly believes that Alicent would possibly take into account Rhaenyra’s proposal to marry their kids and dealer peace within the realm. Okay Boomer!!

A second opinion: “Completely jaw dropping, unreal reveal.”

Episode 7: Capital B Bullshit

The primary factor Viserys is made to endure in Episode 7 is foolishness. He’s not out of the woods with dementia — he by accident calls Alicent by his first spouse’s title — however the actions of his spouse, kids, and grandchildren forces him to be the grownup within the room. Any and all medical consideration this episode is directed at Aemond and Rhaenyra and their knife wounds, and the episode ends with Viserys bundled up in blankets and searching ahead to a glass of wine earlier than mattress. Identical, buddy.

A second opinion: “Possibly all their wounds aren’t therapeutic as a result of they’re free stitching wounds with soiled palms and needles.”

That is no spoiler: Viserys I can’t dwell without end. He’ll finally die, and one assumes that his daughter and spouse will most likely homicide one another, possibly over his lifeless physique. Trailers for Episode 8 present a bedridden Viserys and Otto Hightower sitting on the Iron Throne, working the dominion in his place. The query of the king’s loss of life is just not if however when — and who will truly sit upon the throne after him.

“Home of the Dragon” airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on HBO.

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