Flu Shot Aspect Results Like Fatigue Do not Imply You Have the Flu, However They Do Exist—Right here Are the Ones to Know About

Throughout a traditional season, the flu impacts 5 to twenty p.c of the inhabitants. That’s tens of thousands and thousands of people in the US alone. And the severity of the virus varies—some folks will expertise delicate signs, whereas others die from the flu. In keeping with the World Well being Group, the seasonal flu kills someplace between 290,000 to 650,000 a 12 months.

Whereas this will sound scary, the excellent news is the unfold of the influenza virus may be slowed. Due to the flu shot, safety is feasible—and even in case you do get the flu, the flu shot sometimes means signs are much less extreme. In different phrases, most consultants say getting the flu shot is a good suggestion, particularly with the COVID-19 pandemic nonetheless round. However it’s value noting that some people will expertise uncomfortable side effects.

Whereas most flu shot uncomfortable side effects are comparatively innocent (if uncomfortable), this is what it is best to learn about potential uncomfortable side effects of the flu shot. Bear in mind, they are not long-lasting, so do not allow them to discourage you from getting the shot!

Uncomfortable side effects of the flu shot


“As your physique is busy constructing immunity to the virus that has been inserted into it, you might really feel a bit of drained,” Dr. Chun Tang, MD, a doctor at Pall Mall Medical, explains. “That is utterly regular.” To fight emotions of exhaustion and fatigue, attempt to get an early evening and let your physique do its work. You may also take naps, as wanted.

Redness or swelling

The commonest aspect impact of the flu shot is a response on the injection web site, which is usually on the higher arm. “Individuals usually expertise some injection web site reactions like redness and swelling,” Dr. Philip Kadaj, MD, a Michigan-based inside drugs specialist, tells Parade.com. And whereas this can be uncomfortable, it’s utterly regular. Redness and swelling is a typical aspect impact that often solely lasts a number of days and goes away by itself.

Ache on the injection web site

One other frequent aspect impact is ache on the injection web site. Why? As a result of the flu shot is given intramuscularly. In keeping with the CDC, you will have a ten to 64 p.c likelihood of experiencing some muscle soreness in your higher arm. To fight discomfort, take an over-the-counter ache reliever, like Tylenol, Advil, or Motrin.


Some people will expertise complications after receiving the flu shot. In actual fact, in response to the CDC, ache and discomfort is a comparatively frequent response. The excellent news is that this response is short-term. People often really feel aid inside 48 hours or much less, and mentioned ache may be handled utilizing over-the-counter merchandise, like acetaminophen and ibuprofen.

Physique aches

Along with complications and injection web site ache, the flu shot may cause physique aches. As talked about, discomfort is a typical aspect impact of the flu vaccine—and all vaccines. As with different aches and pains, physique aches may be handled utilizing over-the-counter merchandise.

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Low-grade fever

One other frequent aspect impact of the flu shot is a low-grade fever or fever of 101°F or much less. As with complications and physique aches, this response often resolves itself quite shortly. Your fever ought to go away inside a day or two.

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Some people will turn out to be nauseous after receiving the flu shot; nevertheless, as with complications, physique aches, and a low-grade fever, the CDC notes it is a regular response.

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Flu-like signs

Along with the aforementioned uncomfortable side effects, some people will expertise flu-like signs, together with however not restricted to malaise, a cough, and/or a runny nostril. “Some sufferers have some ‘flu-like’ signs for 24-48 hours afterward,” Kadaj says. “It’s principally an indication of the immune system responding to the vaccine and beginning the method of creating antibodies.” If these signs turn out to be troublesome or problematic, over-the-counter remedy may be taken. Relaxation can also be useful.

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And eventually, whereas unlikely, extreme allergic reactions are potential. “Life-threatening allergic reactions to flu pictures are very uncommon,” the CDC explains. “[However,] indicators of a severe allergic response can embody respiration issues, hoarseness or wheezing, hives, paleness, weak spot, a quick heartbeat, or dizziness.”

When you expertise any of those signs, it is best to contact your doctor instantly and/or name 911.

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