MIT neuroscientist shares 4 issues she by no means does to keep away from ‘mind fog and forgetfulness’

The alarm goes off. You dress, seize your espresso, and head to work. However by lunchtime, you begin to really feel disorganized. You reread emails since you lack focus and psychological readability.

There’s nothing worse than mind fog. Along with stress and lack of sleep, it may be attributable to the immune system creating an inflammatory response within the mind. This will result in signs like poor focus and reminiscence, or issue making selections.

As a neuroscientist, I examine the causes of mind fog and forgetfulness. To keep away from them, listed here are 4 issues I by no means do:

1. I by no means let my physique get tense for too lengthy.

2. I by no means use screens one hour earlier than bedtime.

3. I by no means load up on glucose.

In case your intestine is not wholesome, your brainpower can falter, too. I strengthen my gut-brain axis by sustaining a weight loss program wealthy in hydrating meals, wholesome fat and digestible protein.

Most essential of all, I attempt to keep away from sugar. Your mind makes use of glucose (sugar) as gasoline, however refined carbohydrates like excessive fructose corn syrup present in sodas are usually not good sources of gasoline. Your mind will get a burst of an excessive amount of glucose, then too little.

This will result in irritability, tiredness, psychological confusion, and impaired judgment.

I additionally eat meals wealthy in magnesium — entire grains, leafy greens, dried beans and legumes — to assist regulate my temper and sleep cycle. And I be sure that to have my final caffeinated drink of the day earlier than 10:00 a.m.

4. I by no means go a day with out meditating.

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